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Re: (ITS#5459) threw assertion in attr_dup

Aaron Richton wrote:
>> Definitely an oddball. Can you print i, j, and a->a_vals[0] thru
>> a->a_vals[i],
>> plus a->a_nvals[0] thru a->a_nvals[j].
> Just got back to my desk and started looking at this. So when the two
> slaves that threw this were restarted, they went into an infinite loop
> trying to replicate the entry that killed them:
> <= entry_decode: slap_str2undef_ad(^Zethernet 01:aa:aa:aa:aa:a1): AttributeDescription contains inappropriate characters
> null_callback: error code 0x50
> syncrepl_entry: rid 110 be_add (80)
> syncrepl_entry: rid 110 be_add failed (80)
> do_syncrepl: rid 110 retrying
> and retrying, and retrying, and retrying...hence my thought that
> the database was hosed...UNTIL...
> Apparently the entry was DEL'd a few hours later. I've now got perfect
> sync from the master to the assert'd slaves.

The entry_decode error definitely implies a corruption somewhere. It was 
looking at a 26 byte value as if it was the name of an attribute. I wonder if 
slapcat will run cleanly on it now, or if it will also encounter some decode 
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