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Re: (ITS#5459) threw assertion in attr_dup

> Definitely an oddball. Can you print i, j, and a->a_vals[0] thru 
> a->a_vals[i],
> plus a->a_nvals[0] thru a->a_nvals[j].

Just got back to my desk and started looking at this. So when the two 
slaves that threw this were restarted, they went into an infinite loop 
trying to replicate the entry that killed them:

<= entry_decode: slap_str2undef_ad(^Zethernet 01:aa:aa:aa:aa:a1): AttributeDescription contains inappropriate characters
null_callback: error code 0x50
syncrepl_entry: rid 110 be_add (80)
syncrepl_entry: rid 110 be_add failed (80)
do_syncrepl: rid 110 retrying

and retrying, and retrying, and retrying...hence my thought that 
the database was hosed...UNTIL...

Apparently the entry was DEL'd a few hours later. I've now got perfect 
sync from the master to the assert'd slaves.

There's nothing secret in this particular backend; it's DHCP backing 
store, so I can give you full values. Both slaves died with an identical:

i = 2
j = 1
*a->a_vals = {
     bv_len = 28U
     bv_val = 0x11925f250 "fixed-address"
*a->a_nvals = {
     bv_len = 28U
     bv_val = 0x11a48ff90 "fixed-address"