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Re: (ITS#5458) whitespace parsing in schema files

mf@14v.de writes:
> attributetype (
>         NAME 'o4vdescription'
>         DESC 'RFC2256: descriptive information'
>         EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
>         SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
>         SYNTAX{1024}
>  )
> If I leave out the blank preceding the closing paranthesis, so that
> there is just the newline between the "{1024}" and the ")", slapd
> refuses to start

Not a bug.  The 'attributetype' format is contained inside the
slapd.conf format.  The slapd.conf format is that each directive is
written in one conceptual line: one line plus any additional slapd.conf
continuation lines - i.e. lines which start with whitespace.

Though if the documentation is unclear on this point, feel free to
suggest how to improve it.