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Re: (ITS#5454) syncrepl refreshAndPersist stops receiving

rein@basefarm.no wrote:
> So far it looks to me as if the syncrepl thread has managed to return without
> adding the connection socket back to slap_daemon.sd_readers.  But whether that
> is correct or not, and how it has managed to do it if so, I cannot tell.

Since you're working with HEAD ... Were there any write operations on 
cn=config just before the hang? (Thinking it may be connected to the 
SYNC_PAUSED handling at line 1303, except any subsequent request would wake up 
the listener anyway.)

> Any pointers as to what can be wrong are highly appreciated.  I have a core file
> from a server that has stopped receiving if there is anything I should look for
> there.
> Rein Tollevik
> Basefarm AS

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