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(ITS#5448) CONTRIB: Java slapd

Full_Name: Howard Chu
Version: 0.0.1
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/jslapd.tgz
Submission from: (NULL) (
Submitted by: hyc

Given the increasing popularity of Java, I decided it was time that the
OpenLDAP Project had its own Java implementation of an LDAP server. It
gave me a good opportunity to explore all of the benefits of rapid
development, introspection, and other advantages of the Java system.
Indeed, drawing on my experience with the existing OpenLDAP code base,
it took only a matter of hours to create my first working server, which
I present here. Of course it's still experimental in nature.

Invocation is similar to the regular C-based slapd, and it accepts all
of the same arguments and reads all of the same config settings. In
addition, the first commandline argument must be the name of the directory
where slapd resides, so that the java app can locate the config files,
schema, etc.

E.g. for a typical OpenLDAP installation in /usr/local you would run
        java jslapd /usr/local/libexec -h ldap://:389

A small shell script has been provided to simplify this invocation.