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Re: Segfault in slapd 2.4.8 - syncrepl and glue (ITS#5430)

<quote who="hyc@symas.com">
> Duncan Gibb wrote:
>> Howard Chu wrote:
>> HYC>  Most notably, in template 1, you explicitly configured
>> HYC>  syncprov on top of glue instead of taking the default
>> HYC>  behavior of syncprov under glue.  As documented in
>> HYC>  slapd.conf(5), you should only do that when you want a
>> HYC>  single syncprov overlay to be master of the entire tree.
>> HYC>  In this case, you clearly want syncprov to only master
>> HYC>  one portion of the tree, with the subordinate being
>> HYC>  taken care of by its own syncprov overlay.
>> That's a legacy of several previous iterations of the real project.
>> Ideally each box would have at most two backends - one holding
>> everything for which it's a consumer, and on the relevant machines a
>> second backend holding the data for which it's master, then glue, then a
>> single syncprov making the whole tree available.  My colleague who
>> implemented the first iteration did it that way and it should have
>> worked, but the syncprov-glue interactions in 2.3.x were such that that
>> resulted in sections of the tree not replicating and/or disappearing in
>> various ill-defined situations.
> The whole-tree approach may have some snags.
>    1) it's intended to work with a single syncprov over the entire glued
> tree
>    2) it requires a unique serverID for each master
>    3) it probably won't work to start from a completely empty DB - the
> root
> entry needs to exist on each server.

It's probably worth while for us and others to start a new thread on
-software or -technical?