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Re: Segfault in slapd 2.4.8 - syncrepl and glue (ITS#5430)

hyc@symas.com wrote:

DG> We've scripted a test which works for me against 2.4.8 and did work
DG> against CVS HEAD until Howard committed

Apologies for the vagueness of last night's email.

For a script whose aim is to demo a crash, "works" means "reproduces the
crash with no more intervention than invoking it and pressing enter when
prompted".  I was trying to explain that in cases where replication
doesn't occur, the test can't be done, but on re-reading in daylight
perhaps I failed on that score ;-)

There were two commits five minutes apart.  I could reproduce the crash
with syncrepl.c 1.387; replication 2-->1 did not occur with 1.389; I was
just about to test with 1.388 when I read your second post.

HYC> syncrepl.c is now updated in HEAD to allow this replication to occur.

HYC> Using your test, I don't see any crash.

Thank you.  We'll re-test with current HEAD and post the outcome.