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Re: Segfault in slapd 2.4.8 - syncrepl and glue (ITS#5430)

Thanks, Gavin.  My GDB foo is not up to getting useful info out of your
core dump, but I have placed one from one of our test rigs at


Note that this expects to be looked at with 64-bit GDB 6.7.1 from Debian
Lenny/Sid (GDB 6.4.90 from Etch doesn't work).

Re your previous comments:

The engineer who put together the test case did look for bug reporting
guidelines, but their location in the FAQ is, IMHO, non-obvious; perhaps
one day I'll fix that.  I reviewed and edited the report before sending
it and I think it meets any reasonable person's definition of at least
attempting to be helpful whilst not unduly verbose.

Posting to the wrong list was my fault and I apologise.  The moderator
was correct to reject the original message.

We know all kinds of weird stuff happens if you restart the crashed
server(s) - that's how we come to be looking at this in the first place.
 We have, however, tried very hard to come up with a simple, confined
case of this particular null pointer dereference, which is the first
thing that goes wrong if you start from a clean sheet with empty
databases each time and follow the recipe.

In the four environments we can easily construct (RHEL vs Debian, i386
vs amd64) the segfault of server1 happens immediately you submit any
change via LDAP to server2.

Can anyone else reproduce this, or do we need to work on more examples?