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Re: (ITS#5412) Add operation should not require naming attrs

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:

> A somewhat belated ITS: ldapadd of
>   dn: o=foo
>   objectClass: organization
> complains that "naming attribute 'o' is not present in entry".
> RFC 2251 required this, but RFC 4511 changed it to the opposite:
> The RDN attrs need not be present in AddRequest.attributes.
> slapd and slapadd should generate them if they are missing.

I'm patching HEAD code in this sense.  For this purpose, I decided to 
hijack the add_soc parameter of entry_schema_check() that controlled 
adding the structural objectClass.  In fact, in the current code so far 
I couldn't find any call to that function where the structural 
objectClass had to be added and the naming attributes hadn't.  If this 
distinction becomes necessary the parameter can be used as a mask 
instead of a boolean.

> I don't know if the change belongs in RE23.

re23 claims to comply with rfc 2251-2256, and knows nothing of rfc 
4510-4519, so IMHO it shouldn't be affected.


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