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Re: (ITS#4730) Overlay that generates operational attributes to support GUI interaction


michael@stroeder.com a écrit :
> I'd be interested to add support for something like this to my LDAP client.
> BTW: I'd vote against ";x-allowed" or ";x-required" since a schema-aware 
> client can already determine this in a non-proprietary way from the subschema.
> The overlay's source is quite old. Does it still build with recent HEAD?

I'm also interested in an overlay of this type. I started hacking into
it recently, and don't remember any problems getting it to build on HEAD
(a couple of months ago).

This was related to an implementation of Get Effective Rights [1], which
returns rights the current user has on each attribute in an object. I
had a premilinary working version, but it did not work as a control,
just returned extra attributes. Similarly, this would be useful to LDAP
GUI clients.

If you're interested, I could dig out the code.

[1] http://directory.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Get_Effective_Rights_Design


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