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Re: (ITS#5339) wrong referral from back-bdb

hyc@symas.com writes:
>>> "An LDAP server MUST act in accordance with the X.500 (1993) series"
>> Except when it doesn't.  Like the various implications of sending text
>> instead of ASN.1 and numeric OIDs.
> That's irrelevant.  The service model and the on-the-wire encoding are
> two completely different things.

That's not what I meant, but in any case, this discussion seems to be
going nowhere fast as far as resolving this ITS is concerned.

I've committed the referral_rewrite fix I suggested and removed
default_referral.  Left back-ldif alone for now, can take it with

Didn't mark it "test" yet, I don't know if changes like 'reject add of
ref attr with DN' or whatever you think should be done should go in this
ITS or another one.