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Re: (ITS#5402) Sets: Hyphens within attribute names considered as separate tokens

norbert@rittel.de wrote:

> When using attribute names containing hyphens the Set code erroneously considers
> the parts to either side of the hyphen as separate tokens.
> For example a <by> clause like
>     by set.exact="this/apple-keyword & user/apple-keyword" read
> always yields an empty set. This means that on Apple Open Directory servers set
> clauses canot be used with any Apple-supplied attribute as they all begin with
> "apple-".

The code that parses attribute descriptions appears to be definitely
broken, since it does allow underscores but no hyphens, and it does not
allow digits in attribute descriptions (including OIDs).  This should be
fixed now in HEAD, and the patch

servers/slapd/sets.c 1.41 -> 1.42

seems to apply to current re24 and re23 without much hassle.

Please test, p.

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