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Re: (ITS#5397) syncrepl badly processes modify rdn operation

emmanuel.duru@atosorigin.com wrote:

> When the provider server receives a modify RDN operation, syncrepl replicates it
> with the full new DN as new RDN.
> Trying to investigate it, I see that syncrepl.c:syncrepl_entry() gets the newrdn
> from a call to dnRdn() function, which only modifies the bv_len of the ber
> struct, but not the value itself. Following this, the backend:be_modrdn()
> function does not check the length, and gets the full DN as RDN value (at least
> back_ldap does this).

Fixed in HEAD (the patch should apply more or less to 2.3 as well).  I
note that slapo-auditlog might siffer from the same problem; other
overlays could print the incorrect newRDN in log messages.


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