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Bug in Proxy mode..

OpenLDAP Team,
Seems to be a bug in OpenLDAP 2.4.8 configured in Proxy mode with --enable-ldap and --enable-rewrite
The proxy config is
                database ldap
                suffix  "o=<O>"
                # List of proxy servers delimited by space
                # uri  <Server List>
                uri  "ldap://<Main>:<port>/ ldap://<Secondary>:<port>/"
When the "Main" was running, all requests were passed onto Main. I brought it down and saw that the requests were sent to "Secondary" server.
After sometime, I brought the Main server back to live simulating a recovery from crash. The requests were still redirected to "Secondary" despite the "Main" server being accessible.
I brought down the "Secondary" server and the requests were directed to Main server.!!
Is this the correct behaviour? ( I believe that the server in the head of the list should be contacted everytime a request comes to proxy! )