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Re: (ITS#5390) Error while parsing a schema

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> There's no bug here, and the schema parser isn't causing your problem.
>> As documented in slapd.conf(5), directives must form a single logical
>> line. Lines that are split must be continued by a leading space
>> character.

> Assuming this is not a bug, this is still really painfull... It would be
> much better to consider that the AttributeType, being parenthesed, can
> be scanned without taking into account the leading white space, until
> the closing ')'.

The config file parser breaks the input into lines before scanning to see what 
keywords are actually on those lines. The syntax of the config file has been 
documented to behave this way for over 10 years. Nobody else has cared to 
change it until now...

Of course, all of that is going to be phased out as we move to pure LDIF in 
the future. (Which again, requires a leading space character for line 
continuations. And again, is a well documented feature of the format.)

> That being said, as soon as I have fixed the schema file, I'm not
> suffering anymore. I was just thinking about the poor other users ;)
> Thanks Howard !

You're welcome ;)
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