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Re: (ITS#5387) slapcat ignores errors while writing output (no space left on device, etc)

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no a écrit :
> jclarke@linagora.com writes:
>> When slapcat is writing it's output to disk, it ignores any errors
>> (with slapcat -l output_file or slapcat > output_file). If an error is
>> encountered, such as "No space left on device", slapcat then exits
>> normally with a return code of 0.
> Eh.  API design bug.  ldif_tool_entry_first()/ldif_tool_entry_next()
> have no way to return error.  At best they can set an "error" flag
> in the internal database structure, and API calls which are able
> to return errors can react to that.

Hmmm. I may have misunderstood, but it seems this concerns internal
errors, whereas I was referring to the output (writing the data to
stdout or to a file) errors.

The patch I attached addresses this issue, is there any chance of seeing
it included in OpenLDAP, or does it need some more work?

Jonathan Clarke

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