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Re: (ITS#5383) olc* not present in subschema subentry

Howard Chu wrote:
> Michael Ströder wrote:
>> Howard Chu wrote:
>>> In RE24 the config schema are only exposed for DEVEL builds.
>> Why that? Especially why was it changed compared to RE23?
> They were probably exposed in RE23 by mistake. The config schema uses an 
> OID from the OpenLDAP Experimental arc and the Project's policy is not 
> to publish experimental OIDs for general use, only for Development.

But then back-config SHOULD be hidden by DEVEL as well.

Frankly no-one will ever recognize when you change an OID arc. There 
would be no issues with LDAP clients at all.

> Given that things in cn=config have pretty much stabilized, we probably 
> ought to have migrated to a non-experimental arc for RE24.

Yes, please. Given that back-config is endorsed to be deployed in 
production schema-aware LDAP clients must have the chance to retrieve 
required information for processing the data.

> Note that the cn=config schema still relies on an unfinished spec
> (draft-chu-ldap-xordered) and that needs to be finalized still.

Whatever "unfinished" means. From the IETF point-of-view this is simply 
a proprietary feature not documented anywhere in the IETF process so 
far. From OpenLDAP project point-of-view it is yet another not fully 
documented feature. This is not a real issue which should hold back 
providing the schema to the client.

But if back-config is activated in normal builds then the interface 
definition SHOULD be complete which includes providing the relevant 
schema information in subschema subentry.

Ciao, Michael.