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Re: (ITS#5381) ldap_result error

fabio.ubaldi@coritel.it wrote:
> Full_Name: Fabio Ubaldi
> Version: 2.3.27
> OS: Linux kernel 2.6.18
> URL:
> Submission from: (NULL) (

> It seems that the error happens only if the two process runs
> simultaneously (I use a dual core PC). Thinking of a race condition
> error , I used the libldap_r library to build process, but the error
> still remains.

Processes are completely separate (unless you happen to be using explicitly 
shared memory). It's pretty much impossible for any code in libldap to be 
directly responsible for the behavior you're reporting. If you're using a new 
socket for each request and not closing them when done, it's likely that 
you're running out of free ports in your system.

> The openldap version is 2.3.27 both for slapd servers and the libraries.
> Have anyone encountered a similar error ?
> Thanks in advance for the reply

There is no indication of a bug in OpenLDAP Software here. This ITS will be 
closed. Since it's most likely an issue in how you coded your application, you 
can followup to the OpenLDAP-software mailing list if you want to discuss this 
   -- Howard Chu
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