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Re: (ITS#5376) Full sync fails with delta-syncrepl, refreshAndPersist, and high modifications

quanah@zimbra.com wrote:
> With a build of 2.3 with the (adjusted) patches from HEAD, it looks like
> this issue is resolved.   I fully sync'd a replica from the master, and
> after it was done, I did a slapcat of them.
> A direct diff shows a lot of entries out of order (because the replica gets
> them in multiple refresh phases), however, if I sort the two ldif files,
> and do a diff, I get:
> [zimbra@smtp-2 tmp]$ sort slave.ldif>slave.ldif.s
> [zimbra@smtp-2 tmp]$ sort master.ldif>master.ldif.s
> [zimbra@smtp-2 tmp]$ diff -u master.ldif.s slave.ldif.s
> [zimbra@smtp-2 tmp]$
> No diff.  So I believe this is fixed.  Sound correct?

Sounds good to me. I guess this should go into both RE23 and RE24.
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