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Re: (ITS#5361) cert verification failures with GnuTLS and DNS subjectAltName

On Sun, Feb 10, 2008 at 01:19:49AM -0800, Howard Chu wrote:
>> It's true that the /length/ of a string doesn't include the trailing NUL,
>> but it does have to be included in the storage /size/ of a C string, and
>> it's debatable which is intended here.

> Since this is an ASN.1 structure, one would ordinarily not expect any NUL 
> termination in the first place. And since other GnuTLS library functions 
> are returning the raw data size, excluding any trailing NUL, the behavior 
> you're seeing here is pretty suspicious.

Well, granted; it is consistent in newer versions of GnuTLS, though, despite
being inconsistent with older versions and with the other crt APIs.

>> Given that one of the errors
>> returned by gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_alt_name() is
>> GNUTLS_E_SHORT_MEMORY_BUFFER, it seems obvious to me that this should use
>> semantics for storage size rather than string length, and the only question
>> in my mind is whether the trailing NUL is included as part of the internal
>> representation of the string.

>> If this is a behavior change as you say, then I guess we need clarification
>> from GnuTLS upstream about whether this is intentional.

> That sounds like the best step for now. Just to be sure, how was the  
> certificate created?

Using the openssl commandline tool, and specifying a
subjectAltName=DNS:hostname entry in the [ v3_ca ] section of
/etc/ssl/openssl.cnf.  This was created strictly as a test certificate, in
response to reports of problems precisely with subjectAltName validation

> Have you verified that libldap with OpenSSL accepts the certificate
> correctly?

Yes, I've tested with ldapsearch from OpenLDAP 2.3.30 linked against
OpenSSL, which was able to validate the subjectAltName just fine.

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