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Re: (ITS#5354) slapd repeatedly hangs and stops reponding

--On Thursday, February 07, 2008 2:11 AM +0000 orenl@cs.columbia.edu wrote:

> threads         32
> idletimeout     30

You are likely making your problem worse by increasing the number of 
threads.  I always advise a setting of "threads 8" in a high read, 
low-to-medium write scenario.  The more threads you have, the worse the 
read rate, but the better the write rate.


Did you add the patch for fixing TLSCipherSuite issues with GnuTLS (which 
is what Debian links OpenLDAP against)?

Get rid of the separate "backend" directives, merge them all into the 
database area.

Your cachesize setting for the BDB database also looks bizarrely small.  Do 
you know the actual size of your database?  Because right now, you are 
telling it to fit everything into 2MB of space.



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