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(ITS#5351) Contribution: PIM + text message (SMS) schema

Full_Name: Kari Mattsson
Version: 2.3/2.4
OS: GNU/Linux
URL: http://mysync.fi/contrib/sync4j-sif.schema
Submission from: (NULL) (

Sync4j Interchange Formats LDAP schema - sync4j-sif.schema

The URL contains the schema.

Chapter below is from Funambol, creator of SIF format, describing SIF.
My purpose and motivation in creating this schema is to promote OpenLDAP as the
primary data store for any OMA DS mobile device data synchronisation service.

The Sync4j Interchange Format (SIF) is a way to represent PIM data coming from
different clients in a common structure to make it easier information exchange.
SIF format is based on a XML representation of PIM data.
The goal we wanted to achieve with this representation (as opposed to other
standards) is having a simple xml structure representing any possible PIM
properties. The basic idea is that every PIM object (contact, calendar, and so
on) has properties in the form name-value. Therefore, in a SIF document tags
represent properties and tags content represent their values. We have a SIF
representation for each type of PIM data. They are SIF-C for contacts, SIF-E for
events, SIF-T for tasks and SIF-N for notes.

There is also an additional SIF-SMS for text messages. This way text message
data can be stored in LDAP.

This schema is not endorsed/supported/promoted by Funambol, and I'm not
affiliated with them either.

This contribution is the original work of Kari Mattsson kari-dot-mattsson @
trivore-dot-com. This is not subject to any license of Trivore Corp.