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(ITS#5346) overlay and config backend

Full_Name: Jorge Nevado
Version: 2.4.7
OS: Linux
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (


I have seen an extrange behaviour when an overlay is used with the config

I developed an overlay and use it over the config backend and over another
developed backedend (this last just for testing). (I need to update some backend
data when the schema controlled by the config backend changes, so I used an
overlay for that purpose)
In such situations, the overlay is not added to the config backend in the ldap
tree, which look as follows:
  - cn= schema
      - cn={0}core
  - olcDatabase={-1}frontend
  - olcDatabase={0}config
  - olcDatabase={-1}ndb_pl
      + olcoverlay={0}ndbover

But when I run traffic on the config suffix (i.e. LDAP operations on the schema)
I see that the overlay is really working, although it is not added to the ldap
tree (the overlay is added through the .conf file)

Is this a bug? is it the normal behaviour (in file bconfig.c, function
config_back_db_open it expects the config backend as the first backend, without
overlay)?, but in normal traffic the overlay is invoked, which seems extrange to

Thanks in advance,