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Re: (ITS#5343) cn=config crash when deleting attrs

Ralf Haferkamp writes:
> There are multiple ways to fix this, I guess. I am not sure which one
> to take:
> 1. Make slap_mods_opattrs() create a LDAP_MOD_ADD operation, when the
> attributes don't exist in the entry.

It'd be better to fix bconfig's LDAP_MOD_REPLACE.  That should work
like LDAP_MOD_ADD when the attribute is absent.  Haven't looked at
how easy that would(n't) be though.

> 2. Do not try to modify the attributes (not even add) in
> slap_mods_opattrs() if they do not exist.

No idea...

I like the consistency it gives as far as it goes - keep the presence of
the attrs independent of whether they were created over the protocol or
with slapd -f -F.  Except fix #2 doesn't do that since it won't know
whether to add them when creating an entry.  So in summary, no opinion:-)

> 3. Create the opattrs, when reading from slapd.conf

Doesn't help preexisting cn=config directories.