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Re: (ITS#5328) backends sending/setting results

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:

> And your commit looks nice.

Does it also __work__ nice? :)  I only checked it passes test030 (except
with -b ldif, which errors out at compare --- the rest now is fine.

With respect to the compare issue, I remember someone (was it you?)
raised the #ifdef SLAP_COMPARE_IN_FRONTEND issue.  At that time, I
believe the implications of having overlays in place was not fully
understood by me.  In fact, the presence of the overlay infrastructure
would cause the frontend to believe that the backend will handle the
operation even if it actually won't.  But compare returns (should
return) SLAP_CB_CONTINUE if none of the overlays nor the backend itself
handled the call, so there must be something incorrect in the frontend
code, otherwise it should correctly workaround the compare of its own.


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