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Re: (ITS#5326) Add could re-build entry's DN using parent's DN and entry's RDN

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
> ando@sys-net.it writes:
>> I understand that unfortunately in slapadd this would require either
>> to keep track of inserted DNs, or to issue quite a few be_entry_get(),
>> possibly resulting in a sensible penalization.  Perhaps it could be an
>> option, relying on the fact that slapadd is basically intended to
>> operate on "well-behaved" data?
> It had better, since slapadd accepts entries out of order.  (It returns
> failure at the end if some child has not received a parent.)

This could be treated specially by performing renames as soon as info
becomes available.  This pushes more and more towards making this either
an option or a no-go for slapadd (i.e. rely on LDIF massaging to have
things nice).  Note that having data not compliant with the requirement
of this ITS would by no means be a violation of LDAP nor cause any
operational issue to slapd.  It would just be a matter of having more
well-behaved data if this does not impact too much operations (and it
shouldn't for run-time adds, since we already lookup the parent when
adding an entry).


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