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Re: (ITS#5325) Build error: __lock_getlocker undefined symbol

tim@bishnet.net wrote:

> For reference, it's because my libdb is built using --with-uniquename.
> This means the function name is actually __lock_getlocker_4006.
> I didn't see this in the documentation. OpenLDAP should either correctly
> handle this case, or document that it's not supported.

I think using that option is a Bad Idea (TM); it is the Wrong Solution
to the problem of having multiple coexisting versions of a library.  In
any case, adding support for that feature would be problematic and
definitely prone to user (and developer) errors, since the value used to
make names unique is not exposed in any header file, so it would have to
be manually defined.  There are tons of (sysadmin side) ways to make
sure the right library is loaded, so I vote against supporting this
feature.  Of course, I'm fine about documenting that --with-uniquename
is not supported.


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