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Re: (ITS#5324) Access violation on Windows due to %n in format strings

  > In libraries/libldap/url.c, function ldap_url_desc2str, there are a 
couple of
> sprintfs that use %n in their format strings to return position information. 
> The latest Windows SDKs have heavily deprecated %n and its use now results in an
> unfortunate access violation and process crash.

ldap_url_desc2str calls desc2str, which is where the sprintfs are.

There's actually only one in an if/else in that function.

This is the same for the latest 2.3 libldap and 2.4 libldap

but this doesn't really answer your question.

> We've added a call to "_set_printf_count_output(1)" in libraries/libldap/init.c
> function ldap_int_initialize() to re-enable %n so we're sufficiently worked
> around for the moment.  We're happy with our own workaround so we're not asking
> for any kind of quick turnaround on this issue.  If you want to fix this, please
> do so in your own time and in your own way.  You can consider this a courtesy
> report only.  
> If you decide not to fix this, please let me know because we'll need to add a
> formal test case to our regression suites to make sure we don't resurrect the
> issue when we upgrade our OpenLDAP clients.
> The msdn.microsoft.com website has the details of their proprietary function and
> SDK versions where it's required in case you want to use our approach.  I
> included the URL so that you can get to it directly without going through MSDN's
> searching.   My own opinion is finding a way to do without the %n is probably
> better and would result in fewer ifdefs in the code (always a plus in my book)
> and less Microsoft specific code lurking around to bite us later.
> We did pull down 2.3.39 and our tech that looked at the code tells me the %n's
> are still there and there's no _set_printf_count_output call so we think the
> problem still exists in the latest version.  Give me a virtual slap if I've got
> this wrong.

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