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Re: (ITS#5311) Custom client searching cn=Monitor crashes SLAPD

Howard Chu wrote:
> ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>> I couldn't reproduce with a test (mostly unloaded) slapd.  Since
>> back-monitor dynamically builds the results based on the activity of
>> slapd, the root cause could be related to the type of activity your
>> slapd is doing (e.g. active connections, running operations and so).
>> I don't have a FreeBSD at hand right now, could you post a "thread apply
>> all bt" from gdb?  I might need to ask for further core inspection
>> with gdb.
> The tarball he posted has more information. You can see from the debug
> output that the first search succeeds and the second fails. It's failing
> while preparing the cn=Tasklist entry for output. In the first search,
> it shows that the BDB checkpoint task is running. Very likely it's not
> running in the second search, and the cn=Tasklist entry has been
> corrupted in the subsequent update. However I haven't gotten far enough
> to see how any corruption could happen or reproduce it. If you can pick
> it up from these clues, I'll get back to other work...

OK, thanks.  I'll look at it.


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