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Re: (ITS#5311) Custom client searching cn=Monitor crashes SLAPD

ando@sys-net.it wrote:
> I couldn't reproduce with a test (mostly unloaded) slapd.  Since
> back-monitor dynamically builds the results based on the activity of
> slapd, the root cause could be related to the type of activity your
> slapd is doing (e.g. active connections, running operations and so).
> I don't have a FreeBSD at hand right now, could you post a "thread apply
> all bt" from gdb?  I might need to ask for further core inspection with gdb.

The tarball he posted has more information. You can see from the debug output 
that the first search succeeds and the second fails. It's failing while 
preparing the cn=Tasklist entry for output. In the first search, it shows that 
the BDB checkpoint task is running. Very likely it's not running in the second 
search, and the cn=Tasklist entry has been corrupted in the subsequent update. 
However I haven't gotten far enough to see how any corruption could happen or 
reproduce it. If you can pick it up from these clues, I'll get back to other 
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