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Re: (ITS#5305) Contribware: Two overlays for implementing NESTED dynamic groups

josemarcodelarosa@gmail.com wrote:

>   Yes, you are completely right.  The only reason I can think of using the
> DN version is because you are forced by your schema (attribute types for the
> expansion source attribute differ). I emphasize that the implementation of
> both is quite different. The DN version uses recursivity while the URL
> version relies in slapd's search-reply mechanism. I just added the first one
> as an example.
>   URL version is much more powerful and more elegant. You suggested
> subGroupURL: ldap:///<dn>??base, but even subGroupURL: ldap:///<dn> works ok
> (if I remember right).

According to Section 3 of RFC 4516, if <scope> is omitted, a scope of
"base" is assumed.


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