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Re: (ITS#5222) Missing PDF manual for 2.4

> Hi Kurt -
> The link on the website (http://www.openldap.org/doc/) for the 2.4 pdf
> manual is actually the 2.3 manual.  I was somewhat confused by this
> until after I compiled the 2.4.7 sources, and then was finding differences
> and noticed that the title page was still 2.3.  Anyway, I was able to
> locate, download and install sdf and htmldoc so that I could generate a
> copy of the pdf.  It would be nice however if you could update the link
> on the website, re-generate the doc to have the actual 2.4 guide, or fix
> the Makefile to put the correct doc pdf in place on the website.
> Raymond - Attached is the 2.4 pdf, I generated yesterday in case you
> didn't actually get the 2.4 PDF manual.



Linked from http://www.openldap.org/doc/