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Re: (ITS#5265) back-ldif flunks test004-modify

Pierangelo Masarati writes:
>>   test017-syncreplication-refresh
> works for me (in HEAD)

For me too.  Likely you fixed it with ldapdelete.

However now HEAD run -b ldif test011-glue-slapadd fails with differently
sorted entries: cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com is out of place.

>>   test025-limits  [didn't bump into server-side unchecked limit]
> no notion of "unckecked" (should walk the tree to find out how many
> entries are there...)

Or backends could count down from sizelimit.unchecked while examining
and returning entries/referrals.  Then fail with adminLimitExceeded if
they reach zero.

Is it OK to return entries followed by adminLimitExceeded?  I don't see
any protest in the LDAP RFCs, but I remember vaguely that the code may
be mimicing X.500 errors which should not be combined with result
entries.  (I'll need to reread X.500 soon, it's been too long...)