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Re: ITS#5243

hyc@symas.com wrote:

>> There have been at least 10 syncrepl-related fixes in 2.3 since 2.3.32,
>> with substantial bug fixes and improvements.  Please update and check if
>> the issue has been already fixed.
> This works as designed. The identity that the syncrepl consumer uses to 
> retrieve results must have sufficient privilege to retrieve a complete set of 
> results.

Right, I probably misunderstood the question.  If it was related to the
"sizelimit" option of the "syncrepl" statement, as far as I understand,
that parameter sets the amount of data the consumer is willing to
replicate, in case one wants to set up a partial replica.  It must be
set to "unlimited" (i.e. no "sizelimit" used) to replicate as much as
possible of the producer.  In the latter case, the amount of data a
consumer can get depends on the size limit the producer is willing to
return.  For this purpose, the identity used by the consumer must have
no size limits to work correctly.  A "limits" statement that sets the
size limit to "unlimited" for a "who" clause that includes the
consumer's replication identity should be used.


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