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Re: (ITS#5221) cache? of parent failes for hdb

Dan Oscarsson wrote:
> ons 2007-11-21 klockan 23:53 -0800 skrev Howard Chu:
>>> I did a quick look at the code for bdb_cache_modrdn to see what have
>>> been changed. Cannot say if it looks correct but I have one question
>>> for the part:
>> Thanks for checking, you're right. Now fixed in rev 1.161.
> I have now tested with latest out of CVS with the BerkeleyDB needed for
> that. All my tests worked OK.
> I have also updated the modrdn code in cache.c from your new code, in
> the 2.3.38 version, and then tested. All tests is ok there too.
> I have now changed som data and run the tests again without any problem
> in 2.3.38. So it looks good so far. As you said you plan to release
> 2.4.7 soon, I will run my patched 2.3.38 util then, and then switch to
> 2.4.7. I will run my old commercial ldap server and the openldap server
> in parallell for a while to verify that no new problem is found.

Thanks for the followup. Just a note - you don't need to use a particular 
version of BerkeleyDB with the CVS code; the same BDB 4.2.52 will keep 
working. But of course there are performance improvements in BDB 4.6...
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