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Re: (ITS#5223) Minor patch to replication docs

<quote who="joshua@itsecureadmin.com">
> Full_Name: Josh miller
> Version: 2.4.6
> OS: Linux (x86)
> URL: http://itsecureadmin.com/replication-doc.patch
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> Minor grammatical error in replication.sdf (replace you with sure).
> Text:
> "You also need to make you the rid of each mirror node pair is different
> and
> that the provider syncrepl directive points to the other mirror pair."
> Please see patch at:
>   http://itsecureadmin.com/replication-doc.patch
> Thanks,
> Josh

Thanks. This should also say "points to the other mirror node in the pair."

I've got a nice diagram for this too, which I'll commit soon.

Kurt, if I just make this change myself, do we need the usual contribution
waver etc.?