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Re: (ITS#5218) ber_get_next at /liblber/io.c:710

--On November 6, 2007 10:21:45 PM +0000 dappleby@deakin.edu.au wrote:
> Is anyone able to tell me how/why this occurs?

You made the mistake of using the RH ldap packages, that's why.

As to whether or not this has been fixed, please don't open up bug reports 
on obsolete versions of OpenLDAP.  Send your question to openldap-software, 
and maybe someone can help you there.  Personally I'd suggest using Buchan 
Milne's builds for RH or Symas's CDS packages.  Odds are though, it has 
been fixed.  2.2.13 is quite old, with 2.4.6 being the current release.




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