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Re: (ITS#5207) Password checking: external program

Howard Chu wrote:
> hadmut@danisch.de wrote:
>> But this opens other questions:
>> Does slapd support multiple password entries?
> Of course. The schema definition for userPassword says that it is a
> multivalued attribute. (Note: "values" not "entries". Seems you need to
> do some more reading on LDAP basics.)

Well, I don't think there's reason to get rude. Please understand that
english is not my first language, and I apologize if I did not meet your

And I did not ask about LDAP in common, I asked about the slapd
implementation. So reading LDAP basics would not answer the question.

As it was pointed out before, the details of this {SASL} authentication
scheme are _not_ documented in the slapd manual or any LDAP basics, but
somewhere hidden in the FAQs or even partly undocumented.

> slappasswd doesn't know anything about that. slapd checks until it finds
> a match.

That's what I wanted to know. Obviously, as you yourself point out,
that's an implementation detail.

Does ldappasswd change all entries or just the one matching the given