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Re: (ITS#5198) wrong SQL-Statements in Back-SQL

peter.gietz@daasi.de wrote:

> This bug report was given to me at the OpenLDAP booth on the Systems in Munich.
> SQL search-statements are wrong because of a strange OR condition: 
> "(2=2 OR (ldap_entries.id=ldap_entry_objclasses.entry_id AND
> ldap_entry_objclasses.oc_name='"
> So instead of a subset, all data are included in the response.

It is not a bug, but rather an easy means to indicate that the whole
data should be returned to the frontend in order to filter it the LDAP
way, since sub-classing might be involved.  If that user doesn't want
searches for (objectClass=person) to return objects with
objectClass=inetOrgPerson, then he shouldn't be using LDAP.

> Thats what the
> guy, who was too lazy to make the bug report himself told me. He also told me
> that he patched his code (by deleting the condition (2=2)  and is happy for
> now.

Well, you see: open source software makes people happy.

As a side note, usually, well-designed RDBMSes understand that 2=2 is
always true and do not proceed any further in evaluating other clauses
in the OR.  For those RDBMSes this causes a performance degradation
(and, I insist, it would be the RDBMS' fault) the only **improvement**
to OpenLDAP's back-sql (no bug) could consist in detecting that
condition ourselves and omit that part of the WHERE clause entirely.
But this would probably require to rewrite the filter translation layer,
and it's not something I plan to do any soon (unless rewarded enough to
distract me from other issues, I mean).


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