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Re: (ITS#5189) slapadd -q breaks db_stat -c

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
> I wrote:
>> Just reproduced it.  Out of locks (so of course configure more), then
>> "Accessing a corrupted shared library".  Will file a separate ITS, it
>> doesn't sound like slapadd in a clean directory should need 1000+ locks.
> ...yes it should, it was a case of writing an entry with many values
> in an indexed attribute - after the index was big enough that presumably
> few of the new values' hashes ended up on the same DB page.  So, it's
> just a spurious scary error message afterwards from BerkeleyDB.
The "Accessing a corrupted shared library" message occurs on Linux because 
it's logging an LDAP result code (80, LDAP_OTHER) as a system errno code. 
Probably ought to change that...

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