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Re: (ITS#5185) assertion failure in back-meta when the remote directory does not answer a bind request within the time allotted

Matthew Hardin wrote:

> Thanks for the prompt response, Ando. I've put the fix into production and
> I'll let you know how it goes. This problem only surfaces every few days
> when AD doesn't respond to a bind request, so will be at least Thursday or
> Friday before I can confirm it did the trick.

FWIW, the issue you indicated could be easily reproduced by either
adding a slapo-retcode in front of the remote server with a sleep longer
than the proxy's timeout, or simply by running the remote server under
gdb, stopping at do_bind long enough to see the timeout expire.  I did
the latter, and I could 100% reproduce that issue before patching, while
it disappeared after.


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