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Re: (ITS#5183) Index problem with ;x- attributes.

Magnus.Jonsson@umdac.umu.se wrote:
> Full_Name: Magnus Jonsson
> Version: 2.3.38
> OS: Debian GNU/linux  â??Etchâ??
> URL: http://foo.fot.nu/reproduce.txt
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> We are using ;x- attributes in a specific appliation to group some attributes.
> When removing a ;x- attrbute all the indexs for that attribute disapears.
> example:
> cn: index
> cn;x-f-1: index
> cn;x-f-2: index
> If a remove the cn;x-f-1 attribute I can't search for (cn=index) anymore.

I confirm your report, except that if the type and all subtypes have the
same value, and if I remove the "cn;x-f-1" value, I can no longer search
for "cn" equality, but I can still search for "cn;x-f-2".


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