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Re: (ITS#4860) Sets' enhancement

Howard Chu a écrit :
> jclarke@linagora.com wrote:
>> Got this one: it was a double-free in sets.c occuring after a
>> slap_set_join() with lset or rset empty - the non empty set was
>> returned, and then freed, causing a double-free error or segfault.
>> The patch attached corrects this problem on RE23 and HEAD for me and
>> doesn't have any side effects on our test set. However, it may not be
>> the "right" way - please correct if necessary!
> Is your test set something you can clean up for inclusion in our test
> suite?

Unfortunately, it's currently heavily dependant on one of our customer's
specific schema extensions and data tree structure. The ACLs in use
implement a lot of the logic specific to their environment, therefore I
can't send them as is.

However, I will see if I can "translate" some of the more complicated
ACLs (with sets) to perform on a simple data set for inclusion in the
test suite.

Could some examples such as these also fit your documentation request
for sets and their applications [1]? Assuming this is the case, I will
try and provide at least a subset of our test set soon.


[1] http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200709/msg00310.html
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