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Re: ITS#5174 openldap.schema entry not valid per RFC 4512

> The reason I reported it was that I wrote a parser for LDAP schema
> based directly on the formal grammar, downloaded all the schema from
> OpenLDAP as a test, and that was the only schema that broke, and only
> on the one element.  I did not have any trouble with the OpenLDAP
> software accepting the schema. If you use a grammar builder (I used
> ANTLR) rather than a hand-coded parser, being permissive makes it a
> bit more complex. Allowing the elements to appear in any order would
> be easy to parse for the RFC 4512 elements, because they happen to be
> defined with markers ("NAME", "DESC" and so on) that makes them easy
> to differentiate, but then enforcing at-most-once semantics on the
> elements requires either an additional pass or some hand coded
> predicates to check for duplicates in a data structure being built on-
> the-fly.

Thanks for the feedback.  It's now fixed in HEAD/re24.


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