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Re: Sync replication failure during startup.

Stelios Grigoriadis wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
Stelios Grigoriadis wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
Can you please try the patch in rev 1.205 of syncprov.c and see
whether your test results improve? (You should remove your other
change to this source file first.)
I'm fairly new to this. All I can find is the 1.205 version of
syncprov.c which I can't use (compilation errors, ‘ConfigArgs’ has no
member named
‘cr_msg’ etc). Should I retrieve the latest throu CVS first?

I could't find any patch.
The patch is produced using:
  cvs diff -kk -r1.204 -r1.205 syncprov.c

But I've attached a copy here that should work with 2.3.

Didn't help. Still, the replica servers don't get synced. A lot of " xxx
greater than snapshot yyy" output.

OK. I guess we go with the other approach then.

diff -u -r1.56.2.45 syncprov.c
--- syncprov.c 22 Jul 2007 15:24:26 -0000
+++ syncprov.c 8 Oct 2007 16:05:54 -0000
@@ -1865,8 +1875,9 @@
a = attr_find( rs->sr_operational_attrs, slap_schema.si_ad_entryCSN );
if ( a ) {
+ /* If not a persistent search */
/* Make sure entry is less than the snapshot'd contextCSN */
- if ( ber_bvcmp( &a->a_nvals[0], &ss->ss_ctxcsn ) > 0 ) {
+ if ( !ss->ss_so && ber_bvcmp( &a->a_nvals[0], &ss->ss_ctxcsn ) > 0 ) {
Debug( LDAP_DEBUG_SYNC, "Entry %s CSN %s greater than snapshot %s\n",

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