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Re: (ITS#5171) hdb txn_checkpoint failures

> (Of course, if you only appended to /etc/hosts then the old address is still 
> in there and getting used first..)

"files dns" in nsswitch.conf, and no prior /etc/hosts entry. i.e., this 
overrode DNS to the 192.168.* interface. netstat shows that (by now, at 
least) this has completely taken.

> If this is happening even with slapd cleanly shut down then it should also 
> prevent slapd from restarting, since slapd first attempts to join an existing 
> environment before trying to create a new one. And that really implies that 
> the rest of the environment is shot.

Agreed, but that's a pretty awful condition to have in a long-running 
slapd process. Without db_stat (easily) working, is there any hope at 
finding clues as to how this might have happened, or is it just time to 
rm/slapadd and hope it doesn't happen again?