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Re: (ITS#5163) slapd segfaults when running as proxy-caching server

Hi there,

Firstly, thanks for the really quick reply.

> I think this issue has been already fixed, incidentally, in HEAD/re24, but
> went unnoticed in re23.  You should replace the call to ch_malloc() that's
> around line 1140 in servers/slapd/overlays/pcache.c with a call to
> ch_calloc(); something like
>        *new_attrs = (AttributeName*)ch_calloc( count + 1,
>                sizeof(AttributeName));

Yep, it's there - line 1138.  I'll patch this and report back.

> (sorry, I can't access the network right now but by webmail).  In
> fact, right now, the array of AttributeName "new_attrs" is accessed
> by an_find() while not yet NULL terminated.  Please check and report
> (to create the problem, you need to use filters that contain the
> attributes that will be cached).

I would have expected the problem to show up more frequently, if I
just need to use a filter that will result in attributes being cached.