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Re: (ITS#5070) Issues in X.509 certificate parsing

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> I just got tripped trying to import an LDIF with a cert with 16 byte 
>> SerialNumber. I've patched this to just use the same hexadecimal format that 
>> OpenSSL uses when the number is larger than ber_int_t. We really don't want 
>> the format to change just because someone has a BigNum library available; it 
>> needs to stay consistent.
> But we still need to fix serialNumberAndIssuerNormalize() to normalize to Hex now. 
> And in case somebody feeds in a very large decimal integer, we still need a 
> multi-word decimal-to-binary converter. As such, this bug cannot be closed yet.

OK.  Does it make any sense to just move to a hex-only syntax, perfixed
by "0x", with no sign as you mentioned earlier, or should we preserve
compatibility with the original form, where the minus sign is allowed
while a number not starting with "0x" should be treated as decimal?  The
latter would be probably better, but we'd need to convert decimal to
hex, and this could fail if decimals are too large.


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