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Re: (ITS#5134) dbconfig vs. DB_CONFIG

hyc@symas.com wrote:

> Once again - does the DB_CONFIG file exist already? That's the only condition 
> that matters. If you edit the slapd.conf and then delete the existing DB_CONFIG 
> file, then of course the change will take effect on the next restart. Otherwise 
> not. Don't make this more complicated than it is.

Well, that's a good point: the man page does not say that Berkeley will
read its configuration from DB_CONFIG and only from that.  It says "The
dbconfig directive is just a convenience to allow all necessary
configuration to be set in the slapd.conf file." which implies the
above, but the more we imply the more we risk getting requests for
clarification.  I know that Berkeley will read its configuration only
from DB_CONFIG, so this point didn't catch my attention at first.
Adding such a (yes, redundant for those that already read Berkeley's
documentation, but important enough, IMHO, to deserve repetition)
statement would probably have made all the remaining unsaid things
automatically and logically implied.

> Look again. "Specify a configuration directive to be placed in the DB_CONFIG 
> file of the database directory." It does not say that it specifies settings to 
> be used by the database, through any temporary magical means. Nowhere does it 
> imply that the settings will have any effect at all. It simply says that if no 
> DB_CONFIG file was present, then one will be created. Whether the BDB library 
> will ever see these settings is completely unstated.

Right, +1 for you :)

>> I believe it should clearly state that if DB_CONFIG is present, any
>> dbconfig directives are simply ignored.
> I think such a statement is redundant, but I've added it.



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