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Re: (ITS#5134) dbconfig vs. DB_CONFIG

Howard Chu wrote:

> The manpage also says "This allows one to set initial values without
> overwriting/destroying a DB_CONFIG file that was already customized
> through other means." If the dbconfig settings had any other effect they
> would (a) no longer be *initial* values and (b) overwrite/destroy an
> existing DB_CONFIG file. Clearly that's not the intended behavior.

Indeed, I found the man page clear about the fact that Debian's behavior
was incorrect (actually, useless).  But a second point arose: what if
dbconfig statements not present in the original DB_CONFIG were
subsequently added as dbconfig?  This is what would need to disambiguate.

Another point is that slapd-bdb(5) man page insists on the fact that the
DB_CONFIG is not overwritten, but it seems to leave room to speculation
that changes to the dbconfig could **temporarily** take effect, which is
not true.

I believe it should clearly state that if DB_CONFIG is present, any
dbconfig directives are simply ignored.


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